Welcome to MGS Penang! It’s great to be back again so that together, we can be a part of the MGS community that seeks to provide wholesome holistic education for girls.

Throughout the years that have gone by, MGS has provided education to countless girls which has enabled them to make contributions in various professions for the progress of our nation.

Our success in imparting a holistic education to the girls started with the loving care, dedication and sacrifice given by the early pioneer missionaries and today, it is my privilege and honour to continue the legacy with my team of dedicated teachers  in imparting a more exciting and enriching education that  focus on 21st century learning .

Schooling in MGS is a meaningful experience that brings growth in the character of our girls to enable them to be MGS Ladies of CLASS. Beyond academic and co-curricular achievements, we promote  the all-round development of students, with the inculcation of values and habits that will provide them with life directions that will hold them steady in changing circumstances.

The process and journey of learning is of utmost importance. Much effort has been put in to carefully nurture individual students with knowledge, leadership skills, thinking skills, bilingual proficiency, ethics, spirituality and national identity. These are the aspirations embodied in the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025.

We hope that you, our parents, alumnae and stakeholders will continue to journey and partner with us as we seek to give our girls the most meaningful and enriching schooling experience.

To God be the glory!